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Psalm 119:142, “Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and Your law is truth”

The definition of majority rule is a decision rule that selects alternatives which have a majority, that is, more than half the votes. It is the binary decision rule used most often in influential decision-making bodies, including the legislatures of democratic nations. Majority rule is right and fair for electing mayors, representatives, and presidents. Although it sometimes allows less-than honorable people to get into office, it is a good system. But people go too far when they want to apply the principle of majority rule to moral standards. They say that if the majority favors abortion, pornography or homosexual marriages, then it is acceptable. However, some things aren’t up for a vote. If we had a referendum tomorrow and 100 percent of the voters decided to repeal the law of gravity, it wouldn’t change anything. You still couldn’t jump off a building without being a smash hit. Just as God has established physical laws that cannot be broken, He has also established moral standards. And if we break them, we are ultimately broken by them. This is true of marriage, which God instituted as a one-flesh union between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:24). Even if a state votes to accept a perversion of that standard by allowing two people of the same sex to marry, God’s law always remains the only correct principle. We must always look to the Scriptures to discover what God’s moral laws tell us, and obey them because they are never up for a vote!

The laws of God are true and right;
They stand as firm today
As when He put them in His Word
And told us to obey. – Fasick

Further thoughts:

The story has been told of an art enthusiast who displayed on the walls of his office a collection of etchings, including one of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Every morning he noticed it was crooked, so he straightened it. Finally one evening he asked the cleaning woman if she was responsible for moving the picture each night. “Why, yes,” she said, “I have to hang it crooked to make the tower straight!” In a similar way, many people today have the habit of twisting the Scriptures to make their imperfect lives look better or to justify their own opinions. The apostle Peter warned his readers about the kind of people who don’t approach God’s Word with honest motives and respect for its authority, and who distort its message. My friend, unless we review the Bible prayerfully and humbly, we may get a wrong message and be drawn away from God’s moral standards and our steadfastness in Christ Jesus. God gave us His precious Word as a light to guide our steps while on this earth. If we obey His Word each day, we will find it to be an unfailing source of truth and strength. Distorting the meaning of the Word of God to fit our preconceived ideas is a very dangerous practice and a terrible sin. So, let’s be very careful how we read and interpret God’s precious Word.

God is our authority – not the majority.