1 Bible 2Psalm 33:9, “For He spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast”

I would like to share with you a poem written by Annie Johnson Flint, which is entitled “The Word of God”. Enjoy my brethren!

Though heart grows faint and spirits sink,
By every wind of feeling blown;
Though faith itself may seem to fail,
I rest upon Thy word alone.

That word of power that framed the worlds;
Unfailing, changeless, strong and sure.
Though heaven and earth should pass away,
What Thou hast spoken must endure.

Is Thine arm shortened, Thine ear dulled?
What Thou hast sworn hast Thou forgot?
God of the everlasting years,
All else may fail; Thou failest not.

Against the foeman’s fiery darts
I wield anew the Spirit’s sword,
And answer every fresh assault
With ever fresh “Thus saith the Lord”.

And when some promised blessing seems
Too great, too wonderful for me,
I dare by faith to call it mine,
With “It is written” all my plea.

‘Mid shifting sands of doubt and fear
This is the one foundation stone;
My soul hath cast her anchor here;
I rest upon Thy word alone.

Further reflection:

It’s estimated that every year 300,000 new books are published worldwide. What a torrent of print! Yet one volume, the Bible, stands out above all the others. So, how do we explain the appeal of this old book? The answer is simple. It is God’s Eternal Word, given in human language, and it tells us about our Creator and His purposes for the world. Moreover, it also gives us the most accurate understanding of mankind’s perplexing nature and why we behave the way we do.

Harvard professor Robert Coles has interviewed hundreds of people in many different societies. When asked what he had learned from his research on human nature, Dr. Coles pointed to the Bible on his desk and said, “Nothing I have discovered about the makeup of human beings contradicts in any way what I learn from the Hebrew prophets … and from Jesus and the lives of those He touched.”

The writings of others and our own experience can teach us much about why we behave as we do. But only the Bible tells us that our sinful heart is the heart of our problems, and that we can be changed from within by trusting Jesus Christ as Savior. Yes, my friend, the Bible may the old but it is still very relevant for today’s world!

Let God’s Word fill your mind, rule your heart, and guide your tongue.