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cropped-rose-white-and-pinkHebrews 10:23, “He who promised is faithful”
Hebrews 13:5, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”

Several years ago I read an account regarding a group of scientists and botanists who were exploring remote regions of the Alps in search of new species of flowers. One day they noticed through binoculars a flower of such rarity and beauty that its value to science was incalculable. But it lay deep in a ravine with cliffs on both sides. To get to the flower someone had to be lowered over the cliff on a rope. A curious young boy was watching nearby, and the scientists told him they would pay him well if he would agree to be lowered over the cliff to retrieve the flower below. The boy took one long look down the steep, dizzy depths and said, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

A short time later he returned, followed by a gray-haired man. Approaching the botanist, the boy said, “I’ll go over that cliff and get that flower for you if this man holds the rope. He’s my father. Oh, that God might give us the faith of that boy! My friend, have you learned to trust the Lord like that. If anyone else holds the rope, I dare not go. But since Jesus is holding me fast, I can never doubt. Are you willing to say, “If my Father holds the rope, I shall not fear”? He holds my hand, this wonderful Savior, and He is mine; So why should I fear when I know He’s so near, and I know that His hand holds mine? Thus, the promise of God’s unfailing presence with us is the key to living with confidence and contentment.

Further reflection:

It’s a good thing God isn’t like us. So often we find ourselves failing in our promises to Him. We even ignore or challenge His commands. We give in to our sinful nature and do the very things we know we ought not to do. Or worse yet, we choose not to do that which we are expected to do and we often doubt Him and His Word. Even doing those things doesn’t change His love toward us. Thus, when we follow the Lord with all our heart He will be faithful to keep His promises to us as with Joshua, Moses, and Abraham. If anyone had reason to wonder if God could or would keep His promises, it was Abraham. God had promised them a child even though they both were over 90 years old. They had their child that God had promised them and it couldn’t have happened without divine intervention.

So, are you looking for hope? We have a hope that is based on the trustworthy promises of God. Thus, our future is secure because He has always proven Himself to be as good as His Word. Search the Scriptures diligently and claim the promises of God that apply to you. My friend, promises truly are the hope of the heart, and God always keeps His word. Our strength for the present and our hope for the future aren’t based on the stability of our own perseverance but on the faithful and eternal promises of God, our Creator. If you’re a child of God, by faith in His Son Jesus Christ, He has promised never to leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). My brethren, hold on to God’s promises woven throughout His Eternal Word, but don’t twist them to suit your own desire.

He holds my hand, this wonderful Savior,
And He is mine;
So why should I fear when I know He’s so near,
And I know that His hand holds mine? – Smith

Take God’s promises to heart, but never take them for granted.