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cropped-rose-4.gifPsalm 19:8, “The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes”

During an operation, an experienced surgeon asked a young intern, “Who is the most important person in this operating room?” The intern searched for an appropriate answer. He didn’t believe that his mentor was asking for personal compliments, so trying to sound gracious he replied, “I suppose that it would be these nurses who assist you in such an efficient manner.” The surgeon shook his head and said, “No, the most important individual in this room is the patient.”

If you are born again through the blood of Jesus Christ, how does this illustration relate to your life and God’s Word? Well it’s very possible to overlook the obvious in studying the Bible. It’s easy to forget how important you are in the process. Whether or not you find profit depends on your attitude. What is the right attitude to bring to Bible study?

First, approach the Bible with a sense of your own need, not simply to teach it to someone else. Secondly, approach the Bible with humility. Don’t try to make the Bible say what you would like it to say, but study to discover what God has said, and how you can apply it to your own life. Or, perhaps your Bible doesn’t get used but only a couple times a month. The rest of the time it just sets on the shelf or on the end-table collecting dust.

I can remember so very vividly when Pastor Lawrence, a former pastor of the church I attend, when he held up his well-worn Bible during his sermon and said, “Every believer should wreck a copy of the Bible every 10 years.” What he was trying to convey was that we should use our Bibles so much that they gradually wear out. His challenge also reminded me of the saying, “A Bible that’s falling apart is usually owned by someone who isn’t!”

This certainly became true for me. I am not very proud of the years when my Bible was considerably under-used and neglected. Moreover, it was during those times, I was falling apart instead of my Bible. Amazingly, God used my condition as a means of stimulating my appetite for His Word. One day I sensed God was reminding me that His Word is full of truth that works, if only I applied it. I desired to put those truths into action in my life, so from that point forward, the Bible was no longer just a dust collector. Little by little, as I read God’s Word, digested it, underlined key phrases, and wrote in the margins, my Bible began falling apart instead of me! Praise the LORD.

Further thoughts:

It has been said that D. L. Moody wrote in the margins of many pages of his Bible the letters T and P, meaning “Tried and Proved.” He had put into practice passages from God’s Word, proving that they do indeed work. Have you put into practice passages from God’s Word, proving that they do indeed work? If so, praise the Lord, and keep on keeping on doing just that. Many families pass treasured Bibles down from one generation to the next as spiritual heirlooms, but are often treated as mere antiques while their pages go unread and their promises remain unclaimed. The message of salvation goes unheeded, and its true value is never realized. The Bible is more than a record of long-ago events and ancient wisdom.

It’s the Book that bears God’s very own signature and it’s His message … a message of mercy, grace, truth and hope. So don’t neglect the Bible, but read it, believe it, and obey it. We’re at the end of another month, so why not make a special effort now and in the coming months that lay ahead to know God more intimately. My brethren, the best way to do this is to read and study the Scriptures every day and ask, “What does this tell me about God and how does it apply to my life?” You know Him as the Almighty Creator as recorded in Genesis 1, but oh, He is so much more.

(1) Is your Bible worn from years of fingered use?

(2) Are the edges frayed and are the pages loose? (3) When was the last time you took a walk through God’s Word? () If so, did you catch the beauty, majesty and those precious nuggets of truth?

God’s Eternal Word never fades, never dries up, or never blows away and its treasures are there for you to claim every day. So, don’t store the Bible on a table or shelf, but store it in your heart and mind instead.