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cropped-rose-4.gifRomans 5:8, “God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”

Matthew 16:25, “Whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it”


Have you been changed from within by the power of God, through His Son, Jesus Christ?  During his reign as king, Manasseh sacrificed his own children to idols, ruthlessly killed people, and practiced all kinds of evil.  But after he repented and began to worship God, his conduct was radically altered.  Manasseh’s life illustrates the truth that what we believe deep within us has a profound effect on our behavior.  That’s why the lawlessness and violence of our day should not surprise us.  What can we expect from people when they have been taught that belief in God and absolute standards are untrue? It’s no wonder that vicious crimes make the news every day.  The only solution to this problem is a return to belief in God and His absolute standards that He has revealed to us in His Word.  Manasseh’s life was dramatically changed, and the lives of people today are also transformed when they hear the truths of the bible and respond in obedient faith to them.

Since what we believe is so important, we not only need the truths of God’s Word that can save us from a Christless eternity, but we also need these truths that can prevent us from making tragic mistakes in this life.  While writing this post my thoughts were of a story I read some time ago about a young boy who noticed a large, dust-covered book high on a shelf in his home.  His curiosity was aroused, so he asked his mother about it.  Embarrassed, she hastily explained, “Oh, that’s a Bible.  That’s God’s Book.”  He thought for a moment and then said, “Well, Mom, if that’s God’ Book, why don’t we give it back to Him?  Nobody around here uses it.”  It’s quite sad, but a factual statement, in many homes the Bible is rarely opened, even noticed or thought about. The only time its read is when there’s sickness or a death in the family, and other than the 23rd Psalm, it’s unlikely the person even knows where to look for the help that’s most sorely needed in today’s world.  So, how long has it been since you’ve picked up your Bible and actually studied it?  Yes, it’s God’s Book but He doesn’t want it back!


Closing thoughts:

My beloved, God wants us to keep His inspired Word.  He gave the Bible to us so we could learn more about Him and give us practical instructions on how to live a godly life on this earth.  It’s quite sad but there are thousands upon thousands of people today who don’t know Jesus Christ as Savior, who need to be changed from within, and given a new heart. Rather than merely being fixed up on the outside, they must be completely changed on the inside to overcome their sin and related fears.

This inner change only occurs when we admit our sinfulness and place our trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. I can say with all assurance the Bible delivers on its promises, because I have a new heart, and I’ve been changed from within.  Christ has done and He continues to do great things in my life and I like to extend to you the same invitation that the Samaritan woman gave to her neighbors, Come, see (John 4:29).  My friend there is nothing like opening your heart to Jesus, the living Word, to make the Bible, the written Word, come alive. It changed Manasseh’s life and it changed my life. Jesus will also change your life when you open your heart to Him because He opens your mind to His Word.


Salvation produces a change within that break the chains of sin.